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Useful AWS Training Resources

Change in technology is like a river, it never stops flowing, and at times can feel like a flood. These resources should help you keep ahead of the game.
Useful AWS Training Resources
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One thing I think is important in technology is to never stop learning. For me change in technology is like a river, it never stops flowing, and at times such as re:invent it can feel like a flood. Things are changing so rapidly if you don't keep up to date you will drown in all the announcements and changes.

Hopefully you have all heard about the skillbuilder.aws website that has over two and a half thousand digital courses in 16 languages. What you may not know is that there is a raft of other training material out there either direct from AWS or others that can help with your learning journey.

My goal here is not to provide a definitive list or endorse any resources but to provide a list of resources that are often hard to find or topics I think are important to know. Hopefully you'll find this list useful. It is not meant to be exhaustive but it you feel there is a site or channel I really should include let me know.

Web Sites

AWS managed sites.

As well as the skill builder website and service documentation there are 3 resources libraries on the AWS website as well as over 400 hands on tutorials.

AWS Developer Centre
AWS Architecture Centre
AWS Builders Library
AWS hands-on Tutorials

AWS then do a really good job at providing labs. A lot of these are not highly publicized, although can be found on Google, but instead referenced in immersion days, AWS events and the like. A useful source for hands-on with explanation aimed at all levels of knowledge and skills.

AWS workshops is the main site with 100's of workshops you can follow in areas ranging from astronomy to zero-trust.
AWS CDK workshops is focused on the AWS Cloud Development Kit with workshops covering 4 programming languages.
AWSworkshop.io is focused on modernization workshops and currently has just over 50 labs to follow.
AWS Security Workshops as the name indicates is focused purely on security related labs and workshops.
AWS Well-Architected Labs has labs in the 5 pillars, hopefully sustainability will be added next year. The goal for these labs is to improve your posture in each area and become "well architected".
Control Tower Tools for those of you wanting to gain more insight to AWS Control Tower this is the place to be. It's based on the immersion day but has so much more including integration with ITSM tools and customizations.

If your going serverless, which you probably should at least be thinking about, then Serverless Land is the place to head to. It is a hub  of information and contains it's own content, such as over 100 design pattern templates, in addition to pointing to to other resources such as AWS Blogs and videos.

Serverless Land
Your resource for learning serverless technology.
Serverless Land

Other sites.

acloudguru and cloudacademy are two of the more popular learning platforms for both individuals and organizations. Although aiming at paid members they do offer an incredible amount for free.
codecademy is focused purely on code skills, but again has a free tier as well as paid options for individuals and businesses.
cloudonaut.io is two brothers with a passion for AWS. They have code examples, videos and a podcast.

YouTube Channels

As you would expect there is a lot of content on YouTube while the quality of some content is dubious there is a lot of good content both official from AWS or partners as well as individuals.

AWS Channels

Amazon Web Services is the main channel for AWS and is a mixture of PR and Technical content.
AWS Events Channel focuses on AWS events such as re:Invent and Summits. It has both keynotes and breakouts as well a AWS on Air.
AWS Online Tech Talks features talks with AWS experts in a wide range of topic.
AWS Elemental Tech is one of a couple of industry focused channels looking in this case at the Media and Entertainment industry.
AWS Public Sector is the other industry channel for Public Sector clients.

There are a number of other channels including regional channels for native language resources so be sure to look for related channels.

Other Channels

As well as the AWS channels there are numerous other channels that I often refer to. I've split these into 3 categories.

Training Providers

acloudguru is the channel for the acloud.guru learning site. They offer a lot for free and not just AWS but technologies such as Kubernettes and Networking.
Linux Academy although acquired by acloud.guru there is a lot of previous content that is very useful.
Cloudacademy is the another training provider that puts a lot of information on YouTube for free and well worth a look.


UbuntuOS and Redhat both offer lots of content for use of their OS's.
Kubernetes Community channel is jam backed with advice and resources to get you started and progress your container knowledge.
Although you might only use Cisco on premise they offer a lot of networking fundamental videos.
Git Hub and Git Lab both offer both product resources and general DevOps advice.


Network Chuck is not only just for networking but covers a range of topics in an relaxed and easy to follow manner.