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My GitHub

My GitHub

As well as my personal GIT repository, I also have a GIT Organization for code related to this blog and my YouTube videos.

At present I have two public repositories available, blog-code and templates.

myawsrocks has 2 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

‌As the name suggests, the blog-code repository contains all the code ‌that I use in examples and walkthroughs, either on this site or YouTube.

Each folder in the repository relates to a single blog/video and contains all the code that I refer to. In each folder is a README.md file that gives s brief outline of the project as well as links to this site and/or the YouTube video.

Where I build up a single file there is a version for each stage as well as the final version of the file.

The templates repository is a collection of templates for deploying AWS resources via CloudFormation. In some cases templates are the final version of those I've walked on blogs. For others it is examples of solutions I've deployed.

The idea of this is to provide ready made solutions to help you on your implementation.

Many of these are curated from other sources but either update, corrected or built upon. Where components come from a source this will be shown in the README.md, however, if you feel I have not credited the source please let me know.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the templates and any improvements that could be made.